WEILI—All the glory belong to weiliers

Experienced Weili has no traditional management mode, what we have is flat and open administration. Every Weilier is the part of the team, every single idea could be heard and adopted, and that's the unique power which others are not able to have. The power of the team is the source of our confidence. And we are always on the road, with confidence.
伟力推崇的不再是传统的扁平化管理模式,而是具有伟力特色的开放式扁平化模式。 我们的,心是企业目标“精诚制造、坚守品质,为合作伙伴提供优质的服务”。由总经办,生产部,开发部,销售部,质检部,总务部紧密连接,再有每个部门之间的人员相 互配合。我们努力做到,在伟力的每一个优秀意见都被听到。团队-是伟力可持续发展的全部信心。因此我们 “always on the road,with confidence.”

If you also respect the corporate culture like weili had, and have certain knowledge background. We are very welcome like-minded comrades.